Studio Visit: Textbook Studio

Textbook Studio are Chris Shearston, John Newton and Vicky Carr; hands-on designers who create beautiful print for editorial, arts and cultural organisations from their workshop / printroom in Manchester.

Call for Entries: Glug Brum Poster Competition

Design a poster inspired by ‘creativity’ and ‘play’ and get your artwork exhibited at our upcoming event this November! Deadline 06.11.14.

Interview: Tuesday Bassen

“I was really into debate and foreign policy at first, and languages, so I thought I was going to do something in Foreign Diplomacy.” – Tuesday Bassen

Interview: Mike Perry

“I am having an epic love affair with drawing right now. The longer and more complicated the drawing the better. So I have been drawing a ton. And like anything, the more you practice the better you get.” – Mike Perry

Interview: Brosmind Studio

Fresh and optimistic and always combining fantasy and humour, Barcelona based Brosmind are one of a kind. We explore their latest projects and find out what makes them tick.

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  • Hello & welcome

    Inkygoodness operates as a showcase for artists working across illustration, character design & graphic art. We provide a platform for new and emerging talent to showcase work alongside established artists offering a unique opportunity for artists to develop professional careers through self-promotion and networking.

    Through our programme of curated exhibitions, networking events and our online blog we strive to champion illustration, character design and visual art worldwide.

    Inkygoodness contributors include Animaux Circus, Muxxi, Kristyna Baczynski, Billy + Alex, Felt Mistress, Mc Bess and Brothers of the Stripe.

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  • Projects

    Live drawing events, interior walls, outside spaces... any opportunity to get together and make stuff happen - it's what we're all about.
  • Exhibitions

    Diverse collections of some of the hottest emerging illustrators and artists working in the industry today. Inkygoodness past exhibitions include Wonderland, Play & Character Totem.
  • Networking

    Bringing creative people together is one of the best aspects of what we do. Scary, nerve-wracking or simply a necessary evil; however you approach networking – it’s never been this much fun!