Behold! The Dinosaurs!

Measuring 4 metres in length, Behold! The Dinosaurs! returns to the topic that launched Nobrow's Leporello series: dinosaurs.

The concertina book contains over 100 stunningly illustrated dinosaurs as well as a wealth of thoroughly researched information about the creatures.

North Carolina based illustrator Dustin Harbin, the book’s creator, has become very well know on the alternative comics scene since having his Diary Comics series printed by Koyama Press. Dustin’s work has also been featured in Casanova, Seconds and the Hic Hoc Illustrated Journal of humour. A love of drawing all thing blindingly complicated and a superior level of skill allows him to create such intricate spectacles as Behold! The Dinosaurs!

dinosaur-3 dinosaur-10

Even the book’s dust jacket is a beautiful piece of artwork! The inside sleeve contains simplified versions of Dustin’s illustrations, transformed into line-drawings and place on top of lush grey-turquoise background to create a stunningly detailed pattern.

The jacket also includes a blurb about the author, revealing that Dustin’s favourite dinosaur is a Triceratops. Picking your own favourite could be a difficult tricky task, with so many fascinating creatures to choose between. Which one to choose? The ridiculously proportioned Quetzalcoatius or the always popular Tyrannosaurus? The 60 foot long Spinosaurus or more modest 6 ft Hypsilophodon? We loved the Alxasaurus. Oddly shaped with bright pink, blue and yellow scales, it looks like quite the character!

Whichever is your favourite and however you choose to enjoy the book (it can be read as book, displayed on a mantlepiece or hung as an art print) you will love gazing at the array of dinosaurs that Dustin has lovingly brought back to life as they leap, crawl, run, fly, swim and slither towards extinction.

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