Bizarre adventures in 52 Weeks of Freaks by illustrator Jaypee

Leeds based illustrator Jonny Packham aka JayPee has recently launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for his latest self-published book of character design.

Based on the concept of creating a character every week for a year, 52 Weeks of Freaks is an art book with a difference; inviting readers on an adventure into the bizarre world of the artist, featuring characters inspired by events, overheard conversations or found objects.

As an illustrator his often obscure, bizarre and socially dissonant ideas come across in his comic-book style of drawing, frequently in the form of thick-lined characters and contrasting colour combinations.


From sketch and illustration to book layouts, mock up and video editing –  the ’52 Weeks of Freaks’ project has been conceived completely independently, documenting an ebbing flow of inspiration which started it’s life as “a silly conversation in a dusty loft apartment on the outskirts of Leeds.”

The produce of a year of work, when Jonny started the project his only aim was to improve the way he conceived ideas as an image maker: “As the weeks turned into months, and gradually a year, a set of characters emerged.

Amongst an explosion of art and life, these characters not only began to define my stylistic approach as an illustrator, but also became a visual diary with each character being an observation of the world around me.



With strange and oddball names like ‘Cakeboy’, ‘Eye the Third’ and ‘Lanny Lobins’, each character comes with a description and fun facts about their lives, hobbies, habits, likes dislikes, careers and pastimes, presented in a hard back volume of full colour illustrations oozing with playful personality – much like the illustrator himself.


Each one of these characters holds a value to me and symbolises every week of the last year of my life. I have compiled these characters into this book in the hope that you will find inspiration in it, and help stoke your creative fires.

Interested to find out more? Head on over to Kickstarter to support the project and bag yourself a copy of ’52 Weeks of Freaks’ here!

52 Weeks of Freaks is now available for pre-order – support the Kickstarter to get your hands on a copy! |


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