Bright city murals by Zosen + Mina Hamada

Barcelona based visual artists Zosen and Mina Hamada collaborate on murals worldwide, bonding over a shared passion for colors and free forms.

Decorating city streets and walls across South America, Japan and  Europe, the duo have recently spent time in the UK on a three week residency at Islington Mill in Manchester.

Producing a series of outdoor artworks including Neofauvismo, Bottle Curtain and Trash Altar, their artworks have injected vibrancy into forgotten public spaces at various locations around Salford.

Zosen and Mina’s inspired series of collaborative, colourful and vibrant DIY interventions breathes new life into neglected public spaces and disregarded objects.

Lisa Hassell

Their latest project INSIDE/OUTSIDE, a site-specific installation is on show at Bradbury&Blanchard Gallery in Sheffield until 26th April.

A great interview with Mina Hamada can be found on the Art from Chaos site.



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