Hedof injects colour into Bucharest for Visual Playground

Ever since they started planning Visual Playground as it is today, the organisers of Bucharest's annual design event have dreamt of having the opportunity to create a mural painting in Bucharest, during the workshop session.

Plans have been made and remade. Walls have been hunted, hopes have been raised. But only this year did the stars really align providing an opportunity for one of the most beloved European illustrators. A master of colourful walls and Visual Playground speakers: Rick Berkelmans aka Hedof.

For the last couple of years, Hedof has created a sleuth of ever impressive large scale murals featuring his trademark characters and bold colours, brightening up cities like Lisbon (for KLM Airlines’ 75 anniversary), Copenhagen (4 large 100 square meter murals along two sets of staircases for the Royal Arena) and Breda (Breda Harbour, a mural for Blind Walls Gallery, a 50 ft wide wall painting in the city centre). This summer, with the help of Interesting Times Bureau and the hospitality of Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Hedof’s artwork has taken over a wall within the courtyard of the local University in Bucharest. A selection of photos from the project captured by 

Credit to support from Policolor Romania, Silva, AFCN, UniCredit Bank Romania.

via Visual Playground.


All Photography by Catalin Georgescu


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