Are Enamel Pins the New Business Cards for Emerging Designers?

For graphic designers whose work exists primarily in digital or 2D environments, finding innovative, tangible ways to reach new audiences can be difficult.

Sure, designs translate well onto T-shirts or posters, even tote bags; but really, how many tote bags can one person own before things start to feel like an episode of Hoarders: Design Merch Edition? That’s why a new trend has led many designers to think small and get in the #pingame.



If you’re familiar with this hashtag, you know it’s the key to navigating online collections of candy colored enamel pins designers and illustrators are currently selling. And like your favourite confection, it’s pretty hard to buy just one. Designs range from cute and kitschy to surreal and somber, and with a price point of around $10, it’s a guilt-free way to indulge in your favourite artist’s work that might not otherwise fit your budget. But is low cost really the only reason pins are suddenly in demand?


Posted on Sep 2nd, 16 by | Twitter: @lisahassell

Director at WE ARE GOODNESS Agency, Lisa is also founder and director of Inkygoodness and organiser of quarterly design talks event Glug Birmingham.

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