Experimental artworks by Honduras illustrator Wilmer Murillo

Venturing into new territory with a more experimental approach, Honduras born illustrator Wilmer Murillo has recently released a new collection of prints.

Inspired by an array of influences ranging from modernism, op art, psychedelic, dadaism to aboriginal art, Murillo’s latest works are a stripped back graphic interpretation of nature.

I’ve been slowly moving into a more experimental development of my creativity, trying to blur the line between ‘art’ and ‘design’, using almost any media I can find to define my inner world.

Self-trained in illustration and painting, Murillo works as a graphic artist, designer and illustrator and makes ethereal electronic music under the moniker Lunar Bear.

I personally see universe as constant movement and change, and that’s something that I try to output through my work by questioning myself all the time and reinventing my work over and over, like a permanent learning and fun.





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