Faddy Boombah – a new designer-foodie blog by Fiona O’Brien

Faddy Boombah is an online magazine that gives kudos to creative people forging new design trends in food & drink culture.

Launched by Fiona O’Brien, one half of multi-disciplinary creative studio Huddle Formation, the blog is designed to champion innovative chefs and baristas, interior designers and architects, fashion designers and product designers, illustrators and artists, “with the focus of designing for food or designing with food.”

Originally from Melbourne where her love for food and food culture began, Fiona started her career in advertising before launching her very own food adventure by opening a cafe in support of independent artists.

Ever since then my career has always fluttered between design and hospitality, and Faddy Boombah is a way for me to bring these two symbiotic worlds together.

With playful branding by Aussie illustrator Rachel Peck and a swathe of illustrated, designer packaging, trendy finds and foodie insights found and shared by Fiona herself, Faddy Boombah is off to a grand start and we look forward to seeing how the platform develops.

If you have story to share, awesome new product find, or favourite culinary designers you’d like to see featured on the site, you can contact Fiona through her site.




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Founder and director of Inkygoodness, Lisa currently heads up sister agency WE ARE GOODNESS, a Birmingham based artist management and creative consultancy, representing a diverse roster of international illustrators and animators worldwide.

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