Featured Artist: Carmine Bellucci

Artist and illustrator Carmine Bellucci paints with vivid colors to create quirky pictures that 'speak to the looker'.

Inviting the observer to look and see, and ‘be carried through the playful visual language’. Each piece is hand painted and one of a kind; texture gives life to each line, each shape, each filled area. Colors and people interact with plants, flowers, with shapes, tones in a dimension where everything can happen.

“I like to put together different elements with opposite meanings to see what can they create, how can they talk to each other.” says Carmine. “My work is imperfect, elements are not real but communicate with a real world, made of imperfection but not used to accepting it. In this digital world I like to create authenticity, to give the picture a tactile vibe, irregularity and a unique feeling.”

I think that the most important thing for an artist is his vision and the ability to transform stories and concepts in a visual way with his personal touch, giving form and shape to something invisible, turning words to powerful and expressive pictures.

An imperfect person doesn’t necessarily make a world imperfect, on the contrary, parading our flaws is questioning, is challenging our society by exploring the boundaries, is accepting the possibility of an another path, is the possibility of making mistakes and giving a second chance…and maybe, maybe making this world better, not perfect.



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Founder and director of Inkygoodness, Lisa currently heads up sister agency WE ARE GOODNESS, a Birmingham based artist management and creative consultancy, representing a diverse roster of international illustrators and animators worldwide.

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