Featured Artist: Ed Cheverton

Edward Cheverton draws and constructs his work in a playful way, with a sketchy freshness, from a selection of ephemera in primary school colours.

Born in Bath, Ed graduated from Brighton University in 2013. He lives and works in Bristol.

Ed’s characters have long, wavy upper limbs and balloon shaped heads on blocky bodies. They are wizards, spacemen, cowboys and everyday people. They wear hats that are improbably large or too small.

Drawing is freedom encompassed for me. It’s a place where you can’t really do anything wrong and nothing bad can happen. It’s comforting.

Through the medium of zines and comics where dialogue is minimal, Ed explores the scale of human experience and emotion in stories that are absurd, funny and at times melancholic. He set up Jazz Dad Books to enable him to self-publish and to celebrate and support the work of his contemporaries.

Making art has never felt like work for me; it’s always the most fun I have!

As he chooses to use the computer only for edits, Ed’s images retain a sweet, handmade aesthetic that make them super accessible.

His characters translate nicely into three joyful dimensions and a selection of his sculptural pieces featured in the exhibition TOYS, a collaborative project by Ed and friends David McMillan and Jayde Perkin.

Ed’s super side project Postcard Club is a brilliantly simple concept that encourages creative people to connect with each other in an analogue way, by swapping handmade postcards through the post. To take part check out postcard-club.tumblr.com


Extracts & quotes taken from itsnicethat.com and canvas.grolsch.com


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