Featured Artist: Jaen

Jaen is a French artist currently residing in Bordeaux. Exploring and embracing a variety of mediums, Jaen creates a lot of his work traditionally, with pen, pencil, or brush.

His personal work combines hand drawn techniques with digital renderings, creating bold imagery, steeped in rich colour palettes with a hint of the surreal. One of his largest projects to date is Codex Fungi; a collection of over 100 watercolour mushroom characters for Neon Mob, inspired by the magic of the forest and the work of Japanese artist Murakami Takashi.


I hope that people will be able to appreciate the uniqueness of each character, that magic woods je-ne-sais-quoi that should be oozing out of them, and this old school collector spirit that is more about discovery, rather than possession.


I enjoy personal work most, and the opportunity to travel a bit, so if I can make ends meet solely by selling works in exhibitions, books, etc. I’m happy.

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