Featured Artist: Myth’of The Rainbow

Marie Myth'of the Rainbow is a French artist living and working in Lille. Her personal project Myth'of the Rainbow is a chaotic, dream-like universe filled strange creatures, flora and fauna, united in their shared utopia.

Her background in the video games industry as a 2D artist is evident, as is her admiration for low brow, pop-surrealist art, citing the works of Camille Rose Garcia, Elizabeth McGrath and Amandine Urruty as influences.

Working predominantly in oil pencils, Marie creates elaborate, large scale drawings, layering her colours to achieve the desired, soft focus effect. She describes her work inspirations of; “extraordinary icons and ethernal myths, cosmogonic nostalgia, aesthetic fantasies, divine and colorful passion which unite to form a holy bridge between imaginary moments and traditions. In an idealized “symbolism” the myth’of the rainbow explores many possible legends through the history of a fantasy world.

I like to think the symbolic dimensions of things around the world and time. I’m interesting to everything that is magical, secret, and colored! I often watch the works of the great masters, like Ingres, Rubens, François Boucher to name a few. I admire many pop surrealist artists who create and develop their own dream-like universe such as Yoko d’holbachie, Femke hiemstra, Elizabeth Mcgrath and Camille Rose Garcia.

Fabuleus’Ô _ time lapse from Marie Mythoftherainbow on Vimeo.

Links: cargocollective.com/mythoftherainbow



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