Featured Artist: Zoran Pungerar

Folk meets punk in the music influenced art of Zoran Punger?ar.

A graphic designer and illustrator based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Zoran began his creative career making posters to promote his friends bands.

His images are like modern day cave paintings, addressing the moderately macabre with drawing. In his landscapes there are creepy looking houses and people interacting in dream-like sequences, telling strange stories.

When I work on personal pieces I try to perceive some sort of a primitive feeling, I don’t like to complicate things and I think that shows in my work with a certain visual feeling. Some people say it has this naive look but in a good way.

His homegrown characters and objects have a kind of clunky elegance, made of wiry lines, wavy brushstrokes and slabs of texture. Dogs and death masks, plants and pointy shoes are recurring features of his tribal-esque visual language.

Zoran’s work is experimental, layers are collaged up and drawn down, featuring arcs, dots and shapes from nature. He uses technology to play with these elements, while staying true to his DIY aesthetic.

I try not to be bored when I’m working and one of the ways to keep it interesting is to try new things and techniques all the time. I love to experiment.

Look Back and Laugh is Zoran’s side project, a small publishing house and collaborative project with designer Rok Pregel, where they explore themes from life through the lo-fi medium of the zine.


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