Follow Friday: Geometry Club

Instagram’s Geometry Club celebrates the beauty of architecture with precisely aligned photographs of buildings from around the world. Greg McIndoe takes a closer look.

So far in my Follow Friday series, I have only featured individual Instagrammers, but today I thought I’d mix things up and share one of my favourite collaborative Insta-projects!

Described as a ‘celebration of the beauty of architecture with precisely aligned photographs from around the world,’ since launching in 2014, Geometry Club have shared over 250 images from over 50 contributors from around the world.

The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations in Marseille, France

A new Jewish synagogue in Bochum, Germany.

Anyone can submit a photo, provided that it follows their guidelines. All images must be black and white, and focus on the building’s apex which must central aligned with its edges positioned to fall off the the image symmetrically. For those interested in joining in the fun, Geometry Club also have a handy app to help you get your images right.

Geometry Club are perhaps more niche than some other collectives on Instagram; each image follows a rigid uniformity which means it may not be to everyone’s taste, however, with a 27K strong following there are clearly plenty of people out there that have been seduced by symmetry.

Geometric details on The Diamond at the University of Sheffield, UK

A cloudy sky reflected off of The Louvre-Lens in France.

Stricter briefs set by Geometry Club inspire incredible images, with clean lines emphasising design features and unique architectural quirks of a building that may otherwise go unnoticed. Other photographs play with perspective and cropping to produce abstract, minimalistic images remincsent of posters.

Ornate details found at Manchester Central Library, UK.

Scrolling through their Instagram feed is not unlike wandering down a beautifully tiled floor which, if it was ever created in real life, would be perhaps the most Instagrammable walkway in history.

Geometry Club started as a space for founder Dave Mullen to curate his obsession with neatly aligned architectural photography, and has since grown into an online community of enthusiasts with a shared passion for architecture and clean design – well worth a look. |


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