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A creative blogger, graphic designer, internet lover living in London, UK, Natasha Nuttall shares her experiences as a designer/ design student, living in London and other creative bits & bobs via vlogs with her growing audience on Instagram.

Bold blocks of colour, geometric patterns and high quality typography are all staple of Natasha Nuttall’s Instagram feed, making it abundantly clear as soon as you arrive that this is the feed of graphic designer with a sharp eye for design.

Based in London, Natasha works as a freelance designer, blogger and YouTuber. On her award winning creative lifestyle blog, Graphique Fantastique, Natasha documents her career highs and lows, shares words of wisdom for young creatives and shouts about all of the creatives who inspire her. From stationery hauls to logo design tutorials, Natasha’s blog is filled with creative inspiration and her Instagram has an equally fantastically graphic aesthetic.

Colour is key to the success of Natasha’s Instagram feed. Whether it’s neon typographic installation or rainbow pavements, Natasha is definitely drawn to the brighter hues! I can only imagine this comes in handy when it comes to Natasha’s own practise as designer as it means she has a whole back catalogue of unique colour combinations at her fingertips whenever it’s needed.


Striking street art around London also features widely, as her graphic design training gives her an eye for capturing her finds into perfectly edited compositions filled with clean lines and sharp right angles. Natasha’s London reveals a rainbow fuelled city bursting with playfully patterned walls and joyful art installations.


Natasha recently reached her one year milestone as a freelancer (which she marked with an Instagram post of course) and her healthy Instagram habits have helped her avoid some of the best known pitfalls of freelancing. Firstly, the fact that so many of her shots were taken out in the real world has ensured she has had to leave the house/ her pyjamas to take them. And secondly, there is a social aspect to Natasha’s Instagram habits as many of the shots were taken whilst out of inspiration hunts with fellow bloggers Rosh Thanki and Emma Jane Palin (both of whom I have previously featured in this series) meaning she hasn’t become too isolate by her new freelance life either. Putting a social element back in to your social media habits with your own little Insta-gang and venturing outdoors to get more dynamic shots whilst breathing in some fresh air at the same time are both always good ideas no matter what you work as.

Dedicating her time to working with one of her (and my) design heroes Morag Myerscough meant Natasha took a little internet break with a 2 month gap in blog posts and less frequent updates across her social channels. Thankfully, she’s recently made her return and we look forward to getting our daily dose of happy vibes on Instagram. |


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