Exploring the instagram feed of NYC-based designer, illustrator & author Timothy Goodman

Emotional, raw and often heartfelt, NYC designer Timothy Goodman spreads his positivity through illustrated personal anecdotes.

If used in the right way, Instagram can have all sorts of different uses. The app offers everything from teaching you a new design skill to suggestions on what you should have for dinner – if you follow the right people that is. In fact, if you follow one account in particular – that of New York based graphic designer, illustrator and an art director Timothy Goodman – instagram can even give you a new perspective on life.

A questionable proposal from Timothy’s #instatherapy_tim project.

Timothy’s #instatherapy_tim project includes plenty heart wrenching anecdotes

Through his instatherapy series, Goodman has been sharing his thoughts on Instagram for over a year and has amassed a large, varied and consistently well-designed collection of typographic ponderings all grouped together under the hashtag #instatherapy_tim.

Goodman’s very own brand of therapy acts both ways – it’s instatherapy both for and by himself. The project allows him to share some of his own stories and experiences as well as offer some life advice and spread some positivity.

‘Don’t be afraid to act like you fucking care” – taken from the #instatherapy_tim project

Some of my top instatherapy quotes have included emotional anecdotes (“she told me she’d rather stay broken than end up with a broken heart”), questionable propositions (“I’ll buy you a drink if you tell me some lies) and bold advice (“don’t be afraid to act like you fucking care“). My favourite quote of all is probably the most random and yet sums up how we have all felt about adult life at one point or another – “I used to play Mario Brothers as a kid, now I eat expensive ass almond croissants”.

Goodman also uses the platform to spread positivity and speak out against negative politics.

Customised suitcase designed by Goodman to celebrate the relaunch of Away bags and raise money for Planned Parenthood.

Whether the sentiment is happy or sad, he brings his 111K strong audience along for the ride. Each perfectly composed square is filled with the signature, black, inky typographic style that Goodman is known for. I’m not saying that Goodman’s instatherapy will fix all your problems but if you a typography-lover then it is guaranteed to bring at least a little smile to your face every time he posts.

Thoughts on friendship by Goodman

Goodman recently travelled to Beijing to celebrate the Chinese edition of his latest book ‘Art Workshop’

Using hashtags to track his various creative adventures, he recently begun the #memoriesofagirlineverknew project (well worth a follow just for how impressive the way he judges exactly how many words will fit in the image); alongside regularly documenting his travels which have included teaching typography workshops in Beijing and design murals in Las Vegas.

Taken from Goodman’s #memoriesofagirlineverknew project.

Whilst social media is being used more and more as a space for people to discuss mental health and their political views, it is still quite rare to encounter the level of honesty and raw emotion that Goodman shares. His work encourages people – whether it’s online or in person – to embrace and talk about their feelings; spurred on by his personal motto “sharing your feelings is dope as hell” and to put the point of this whole article even more simply (and once again in his own words) his Instagram feed is pretty dope too!

instagram.com/timothygoodman | tgoodman.com


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