German illustrator Dieter Braun releases ‘Wild Animals of the North’

Did you know that the Musk Deer is the only deer that can climb trees to their treetops? That the preferred hunting formation for the Dalmation Pelican is the horseshoe? Or that the Fire Salamander is also known as the ‘little rain man’?

German illustrator Dieter Braun takes the reader on an incredible journey in Wild Animals of the North, his brand new volume published by Nobrow childnren’s arm Flying Eye Books.

Illustrator and writer Dieter Braun presents a wonderful celebration of animals in the northern hemisphere, with a subtle yet poignant message.

Keeping text to a restrained minimum, with a short, succinct introduction, he delivers a veritable compendium of species that shines a light on what we are in danger of losing; if we fail to acknowledge that we must change how we live “in-the-world”, and coexist more sensitively alongside its more delicate species. As Dieter writes,“Even if mankind can go on without them, a piece of our vibrantly diverse world dies along with each species.

The book journey’s from North America, across the Atlantic to Europe, Asia and beyond, presenting animals that live upon land, in the sea, and air.

Often captioned with a summary that describes an animals more unique features and how it thrives in its environment, each illustration has been created using a strikingly simple, somewhat monochromatic palette, that allows for an almost geometric realism that magically conveys not only each animals character, but often aspects of their behaviour.

Each illustration features a strikingly simple and somewhat monochromatic palette that allows for almost geometric realism.

Although the predominantly visual format of the book makes it feel like its perhaps more clearly targeting younger audiences – especially children with a developing thirst for knowledge, eager to find out and understand more about the natural world – it effortlessly appeals to all generations, and would make a great coffee table book that even creative professionals and animal lovers alike would surely appreciate.


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