Hand painted teak plates by East Editions

East Editions have just released Edition 010, a series of hand painted teak plates by Sean Morris & Maddy Young.

Sean Morris is a WA-born artist and illustrator, currently based in Melbourne. The subjects of his work flicker between the trashy and the beautiful – colourful monuments to low-culture.

He has had work published on five continents, and exhibited extensively, including solo exhibitions in London, Madrid, Melbourne and Perth. He also runs the arts initiative Black Canyon Projects, and has curated 5 group exhibitions over the past three years.

Maddy Young is an artist and designer born in Brisbane, and currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. Her works combine a love for the natural world with an exploration of complex feelings and femininity. She is best known for her illustrative works and figurative paper cuts.

The collection of plates are all one-off originals, available to purchase through East Editions, priced at AUD $380 each.





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