We Like: Maggie Chiang

Full-time artist and part-time dreamer Maggie Chiang captures a sense of adventure in a collection of timeless illustrations.

In Maggie’s world, characters plunge to new watery depths and immerse themselves in wild foliage as they explore dark forests and rivers. These natural wonders are met not with fear but rather curiosity and an intrepid spirit of adventure.

Currently in her final year studying for a degree in illustration, Maggie has already developed an impressive body of work and distinctive style. She creates her artworks using a mixture of watercolours and collage, often sharing glimpses of her process on her Instagram feed. Last year, Maggie also used Instagram to document her a doodle a day project where she created a new drawing each day for an entire month, many of which were then turned into animated gifs.

One of the most notable aspects of Maggie’s work is it’s deep, dark colour palette which adds to her character’s heightened sense of adventure..

Scenery such as deep blue oceans and green forests may appear very much from our world but there is an element of pure fantasy which radiates out of the page, drawing the viewer into the narrative and along for the ride.




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Greg McIndoe - also known as Headless Greg - is an illustrator and design writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He regularly writes for design magazines and online platforms, interviewing fellow illustrators and leading creatives.

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