We Like: Middleboop ‘Retro Film Profound Quote Series’

Geometric shapes, colourful graphics and some of the most famous movie moments have been captured in a brand new print series by London based illustrator Gordon Reid aka Middle Boop.

Retro Film Profound Quote Series will lace the walls of Hero Complex Gallery and Bottleneck Gallery this Autumn – taking the artist to Los Angeles and New York for the first time.

Subtle references to some of the most infamous quotes, moments and messages in cinema history take on new meaning through a colourful collection of prints, produced in an accessible format for film fans and novices – as Gordon says; “Everyone can take something from them.”

Whether you recognise the subtle nods to each film in the artwork or indeed the quote, or just find something good in the quote itself, there’s something that people will enjoy and take pleasure from.

‘Retro Film Profound Quote Series’ exhibition runs from 26.09.14 to 12.10.14 at Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, and at Bottleneck Gallery and The Schoolhouse in New York – dates to be confirmed. 




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