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Quotes On Shit is a collaborative side project combining the art of up-cycling with a wry sense of humour.

Starting life as a fun side project by multi disciplinary art director Jessica Walsh and New York based designer Timothy Goodman with the idea of turning “old shit into new shit,” a growing collection of found objects have been reinvented and re-purposed.

Each object has been given a  lick of paint and embellished with a bold typographic messages – everything from well-known phrases, famous quotes and wordplay.

Photographed with the help of Santiago Carrasquilla each object has been given away at random –  fans of the project are invited to express interest via Instagram to be in with a chance of getting their hands on one.

Quotes on Shit is also featured in Timothy’s new book, Sharpie Art workshop, which showcases a huge range of unexpected uses for one of the worlds most famous pens. From large murals to customised high heels, handmade gift wrap to graffitied skateboards – just about everything you could possibly do with a sharpie features in the book, alongside Timothy’s own sharpie adventure.

Speaking about the project in his new book, Timothy encourages everyone to have a go at reinventing “old shit”

So the next time you’re at a thrift store or see old stuff lying around your house, take it in the garage, put some spray-paint to it, and Sharpie your favourite quote or phrase on it.

Timothy Goodman

Quotes in Shit is pure, unadulterated fun – and as Timothy puts it “the best thing about this is that anyone can do this”.




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