We Like: Studio Fludd

Studio Fludd is a multidisciplinary collective based in Venice, Italy, consisting of Matteo Baratto, Caterina Gabelli, Sara Maragotto and Valeria Sanguin. Together, the four-piece attack projects by manipulating matter and ideas into lively and thought-provoking work.

From illustration, graphic design and printing art to decoration, installation and self-design, Studio Fludd never fails to make arduous information look decisively terrific, as supported by their latest projects, Gelatology Micro/Macro and Gelatology Change and Persistence.

Part of their self-publishing series EPHEMERA & MISCELLANEA, Gelatology Micro/Macro and Gelatology Change and Persistence exist as fascinating booklets, exploring the relationship and analogies between ice cream and geology.

A Macrocosm of huge and slow geological explosions, erosions and metamorphosis contains in itself a Microcosm of sweet multi-flavour crunchiness and creaminess.



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