Strikingly simplistic narrative illustration by MariaLaura Fedi

Metaphysical and metaphorical, MariaLaura’s illustrations are striking in their simplicity, alluding to stories of place and experience, inspired by the Neoclassical architecture of the Italian Renaissance and Surrealist movement.

With an MA in Illustration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, MariaLaura’s primary interest lies in how we inhabit the world and our environment, investigating the balance between a place and how we experience and understand it, and consequently ourselves.

In 2015 MariaLaura launched the creative studio studiOrtica alongside seven fellow creatives, where they have a growing client base.

I like observing the way people live in space, because I think that the way that we move through it speaks about our feelings and emotions.

MariaLaura Fedi

You can find out more about MariaLaura by following her on lnstagram @marialaura_fedi or visit


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