Olimpia Zagnoli heads to Norway for The Jaunt

Born into an artist family in Milano, Italy, it was no wonder that Olimpia turned out to be the person who she is today. She epitomises everything that we love about the Italians.

Driving a Vespa, sipping a doppio espresso, and always enjoying life with flair and style. In her work, we see reoccurring themes of people and their dreams, hopes, struggles and desires, characterized by strong clear lines, vivid colours and stark contrasts. It sounds simple but Olimpia always delivers with an unmatched elegance.

The Northern Lights are one of the natural wonders of the world that should be on anyone’s bucket list. Scientifically explained are the bright dancing lights of the aurora collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. But really, you just have to see it. Tromsø has been a famed destination for Northern Light viewing, situated all the way up north in Norway, with it’s historic and charming city center. It will be an ideal base for Olimpia to start exploring and be charmed by the Northern Lights.

In conversation with Jeroen Smeets.

What’s the weather like now in Italy? Are you ready for visiting the northern tip of Norway during the coldest month of the year?

Today in Milan it’s about 7° Celsius, not very warm but definitely warmer than Tromsø. I’ve never been that North before and I’m not afraid to say that I’m terrified!

How are you preparing yourself for this trip? Have you bought some thermal wear already?

I bought myself a pair of red Moon Boot’s and I’m looking at pictures of traditional Sami clothes, trying to steal some of their looks.  

Have you done any research to Tromsø and the Northern Lights already, and what did you find?

Apparently in order to survive a Northern Lights tour you need a lot of hot chocolate. 

Aside from seeing the Northern Lights of course, what is it that you are hoping to find on your trip?

I hope that being surrounded by snow and the cold weather will provide a calm and intimate environment for thinking. I hardly find any time to just observe things around me and let them sit so I hope this trip is a great excuse to do a little bit of that. Despite my love for colors, museums and the buzz of a metropolis, I’m in a phase where my creative self could benefit from a bit of silence, white space and nature. 

What are you bringing with you on your trip?

When I travel to a new place I always like to read books from local writers so I think this time I will read “The Queen of Saba” by Knut Hamsun. Then I’ll have my sketchbook, pastels, a camera, my iPad and snacks with me as well.


The screenprint
The Jaunt prides itself in creating high-quality, handmade screen prints. Each print is only available in an edition of 50 pieces, and is personally signed and numbered by the artist.

Details about the print:
Edition: 50 prints
Paper: 290 grams revive paper
Colors: Three colours
Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
Price: 60 € (+shipping)
Expected shipping: Third week of April 2018

Print sales for The Jaunt#43 with Olimpia Zagnoli are now on sale: http://thejaunt.net/trips

www.thejaunt.net | olimpiazagnoli.com


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