Owen Davey – Mad About Monkeys

Flying Eye Books have just released their latest collaboration with illustrator Owen Davey and it's a beaut.

Pairing geometric graphics with a stunning colour palette, the result is a visually striking edition detailing information about the traits, evolution, habits, and diversity of primates.

Encouraging the reader to explore common monkey characteristics, such as their social nature, as well as those of particular monkeys, as Publisher’s Weekly observed:

Ethiopian geladas sleep in cliff-side huddles to stay clear of predators, and crab-eating macaques “have developed an amphibious lifestyle.” Other spreads examine monkeys’ mischievous reputations: Monkeys regularly steal from humans. Businesses and homes can be ransacked in a matter of minutes by these criminal critters their roles in human culture and religious beliefs, and the ways humans have affected monkey habitats. A semi-irreverent tone and stylish images (the human in a primate family tree rocks cuffed jeans and a high-and-tight hipster haircut) combine to create an arresting and informative guide to simian nature.

With over 250 species inhabiting our planet, this book explores the many different types of monkeys from the smallest Pygmy Marmoset to the largest Mandrill, and provides all the facts you wanted to know and more. Discover where monkeys come from, how they swing from tree to tree, and why they fight and play with each other. After reading this beautifully illustrated book, you’ll soon be raving mad about monkeys!

To accompany the release, Owen has run off a limited number of Mad About Monkeys prints featuring illustrations from the book – available for just £15. A lovely edition to any children’s bedroom.



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