Owen Gildersleeve & Janine Rewell Collab for Paulig

Earlier this year paper cut artist Owen Gildersleeve and illustrator Janine Rewell collaborated on a project for Finnish coffee company Paulig - which resulted in an incredible ad campaign.

Janine designed a special edition tin for Paulig’s Juhla Mokka coffee, and using her vector illustration as inspiration Owen Gildersleeve was then commissioned to turn her image into a 3D paper set, in which the tin would be photographed for Paulig’s advertising campaign.

The resulting poster design is captivating, transporting the viewer into a 3D world of geometric pattern and nature inspired paper forms, and we’re delighted to share these exclusive behind the scenes photographs of the project which document the process. We’ve also included the ‘making of film’, courtesy of Paulig – though sadly it’s in Finnish! We hope you like it.



owen gildersleeve




Janine-Rewell-Paulig4-870px_875janinerewell.com | owengildersleeve.com



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