Pinterest Mondays: Paper Plants

For a self-confessed Pinterest addict like myself, every day is a Pinterest day.

Whether you are a regular nine-to-five worker or a flexible freelancer, Mondays are always a little bit of a drag – so we’re bringing you Pinterest Mondays to brighten up your mornings!

Starting today and running every Monday we’ll be bringing you a selection of our favourite pins: cool finds, crafty ideas and inspirational image-making by creatives worldwide. Kicking things off is one of my all-time favourite pins: Paper Plants by Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao.

Made using a mixture of plaster, wire and paper which is then painted and flocked, the vibrant creations are utterly surreal. Unorthodox colour schemes give a sense of whimsical personality whilst wonky, unpredictable shapes and the tactility created by the process give a genuine sense of something natural and wild.

Described as “Dr. Seusse-esque” plants by one writer, for me, they have more of an Alice In Wonderland feel to them. Larger than life and undeniably odd they wouldn’t be out of place in the Lewis Carol tale.

Terri and Adam, the creative couple behind the eccentric foliage, are creative to the core and manage to turn even the most mundane of daily tasks – such as making pancakes for breakfast – into a creative adventure.

Collaborating together since 2011, the duo create bright immersive environments of paper, paint, wood, and plaster from their Brooklyn studio CHIAOZZO. Much of the duo’s work is inspired by their own unique perspective on nature and they describe their Paper Plants project in a suitably poetic fashion.

Inspired by the parallels between horticulture and art-making, the paper plants stem from a natural desire to control and beautify that which could be considered wild.

Greg McIndoe

A large part of the CHIAOZZO mantra is concerned with unique perspectives, spontaneity and uninhibited creativity – something we can all learn and take inspiration from. Creative travellers can even stay with Terri and Adam at their workshop and studio in arty Bushwick, Brooklyn as part of their A Cabin In A Loft project. Sign me up!


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Greg McIndoe - also known as Headless Greg - is an illustrator and design writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He regularly writes for design magazines and online platforms, interviewing fellow illustrators and leading creatives.

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