Review: Big Mother #4 Raymond Lemstra

Earlier this year London publishers No Brow released the uber Big Mother #4, a large A3 printed book in collaboration with Dutch artist and illustrator Raymond Lemstra.

Big Mother #4 celebrates the finest of Lemstra’s playful and imaginative work by collecting and condensing his pieces into this large, limited edition monograph.

We first came across Raymond’s work at Pictoplasma back in 2008 on the Character Walk, a series of small yet incredibly detailed drawings, revealing an exceptional level of skill. Fusing futuristic robots with tribal influences he has created a unique breed of fantastical characters and figures that are unlike anything you have ever seen. Having exhibited his art across the world and been commissioned on projects by international companies such as Mercedes-Benz, illustrated for Arnon Grunberg’s short story and contributed to two Nobrow magazines. Recently he illustrated his first cover for The New York Times.

“A clash of intent, simultaneously assuming simplicity and complexity, randomness and reason, flaws and perfection. The purpose of which is to inspire a sense of joy and discovery.”

His artworks mix folklore, fantasy and childlike wonderment with a sinister edge; his figures wear fixed, awkward expressions reminiscent of vintage portrait photographs.

Printed on the finest sustainably sourced paper, this beautiful publication is a large A3 format, opening up to huge A2 double page spreads. Big Mother #4 can be enjoyed as a book or easily dissembled into individual artworks. There are only 2000 copies available, each on hand numbered. Grab your copy now – whilst stocks last.

Image credits: No Brow / Raymond Lemstra



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