Review: Birken Cat Goes to… Hawaii

Birken Cat Goes to...Hawaii is a self-published children's picture book by Faye Moorhouse.

The adorable short story follows Birken Cat as she travels to Hawaii in search of adventure. The story is written and illustrated by Faye Moorhouse in an offbeat watercolour style. Her use of watery textures, wobbly shapes and translucent marks makes for s fun, quirky tale with tonnes of personality! Faye’s style works perfectly for both the urban landscapes and tropical scenes in which Birken Cat’s adventures are set.

Hello my name is Birken Cat, and I live inside this tiny flat.

An award winning illustrator who works primarily in print, The zine’s creator, Faye Moorhouse has written and illustrated a number of zines, picture books, concertinas and comics. She has also turned her hand to ceramics, as well as paper toys and decorations translating her style into 3D objects.

The stories main character, Birken Cat, is based on Faye’s real-life Birken Cat who lives with her in Brighton.

You can buy a copy of Birken Cat Goes to…Hawaii here.



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