Review: Cycling Climbs

Cycling Climbs by Nigel Peake and Claire Beaumont is a set of twenty beautifully illustrated prints depicting the most remarkable climbs in cycling.

Published by Laurence King, each print measures 11 by 14 inches and can be easily detached and framed.

Each of the 20 climbs is stunningly illustrated by Nigel Peake in his signature style. Nigel uses a mixture of different components including inky marks, hand-drawn lines and wobbly watercolour shapes, to create a set of prints which work brilliantly both together and individually. There is plenty of variation within the set too with pieces ranging from devilishly detailed monochrome sketches made up of millions of minuscules marks to brightly coloured abstracted mazes made up of stripy handle bars.

Nigel originally studied architecture in Edinburgh where he was awarded a RIBA silver medal commendation. He currently lives in Switzerland, where he teaches and draws. His work has been shown in Paris, London and New York and previous books have explored themes such as the dark, the city and the wild.

Each of Nigel Peake’s wonderful interpretations is accompanied by a description from Claire Beaumont that includes details of its height, length, altitude and gradient. Claire also gives a brief history of each climb and a description of how it came to be included in some of the sport’s most prestigious races, such as the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. There are tips on how to successfully navigate these precipitous slopes, if the book inspires you to take on one of these infamous climbs.

Claire Beaumont is a lead creative at London-based bespoke bicycle manufacturer Condor Cycles. She has written for many publications including The Ride Journal, Cycling Weekly and Cycling Active.

Cycling Climbs by Nigel Peake and Claire Beaumont is available to buy here.


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