Review: Eventually Everything Connects

Eventually Everything Connects explores the movers and shapers of the Californian modernist movement in one of Nobrow's biggest formats to date.

The hardback concertina introduces you to the world of the Californai modernist movement and makes the links you never would. From fashion shoots to dinosaurs, lazy cats to Alfred Hitchcock, all sorts come together to create this spectacular publication.

What is the link between Alfred Hitchcock and Charles and Ray Eames, or famed illustrator Mary Blair and actor Steve McQueen? Did you know that Dennis Hopper was a photographer? Or that Walt Disney thought Psycho was “disgusting”?

With so much seemingly unrelated subject matter in the one artwork, just as big an explanation is needed. And this comes in the form of an oversized poster which, in the style of a connect-the-dots map, explains these connections and presents some interesting insights into lives of well known artists involved.

Fully extended, Eventually Everthing Connects measures an impressive 4 metres. Creating an artwork of this size is no small challenge and it is one which Loris Lora, the books creator, handles brilliantly. Eventually Everything Connects is a project which Loris started whilst attending the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Loris extensively researched the relationships and connections of creatives during a very innovative and exciting time period in design before presenting them in this breath taking concertina.

Both the poster and concertina are illustrated in Loris’ painterly style. Each segment is filled with textures and marks to create a quirky, eccentric aesthetic and the way in which each section effortlessly flows together creates a fluidity and dreamlike feel to the piece. Overall, as each panel of the concertina and pull-out poster unfolds, it presents another section of the universe Loris Lora has magnificently portrayed for the viewer to get lost in.


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Greg McIndoe - also known as Headless Greg - is an illustrator and design writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He regularly writes for design magazines and online platforms, interviewing fellow illustrators and leading creatives.

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