Review: The Marionette Unit

Blending the two seemingly opposing genres of Victorian and Sci-Fi, The Marionette Unit is a thrilling illustrated graphic novel with a real steam punk edge.

If you enjoy sinister, dystopic worlds and imaginings then you need this on your bookshelf.

The first graphic novel from new publisher TMU workshop, The Marionette Unit tells the story of Beatrice Shaw, a young woman searching for her missing sister, Melodie, who was last seen working in the depths of a Victorian workhouse run by the sinister Henri Dubre who is driven by an ‘abominable dream of never-ending efficiency’.

Originally a film by London based filmmakers Azhur Saleem and James Boyle, they have transformed their tale into print, collaborating with renowned comic artist Warwick Johnson-Cadwell.


“Working with a screenwriter for the first time has been good fun,” revealed Warwick Johnson-Cadwell on collaborating with filmmakers. “My tendency is to draw narratives with a cinematic or theatrical view in mind. My compositions and character direction are often influenced by screen images, then applied to the comic frame.”


I very much enjoyed the process of storytelling and translating a cine attic piece onto the page. It’s been a great experience.

The adaptation retains its cinematic beginnings, Johnson’s illustrations creating a genuine pace that keeps reader’s turning the pages until the end.  Available in digital edition or print with a high-quality matte-laminated coated cover, bound pages including exclusive artwork, character sketches and making of process. 


The Marionette Unit  is written by Azhur Salem and James Boyle, and illustrated by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell. Purchase direct from £9.99.



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