Review: Paper Cut by Owen Gildersleeve

Earlier this year, illustrator Owen Gildersleeve proudly unveiled his first book - Paper Cut a stunning collection of paper craft and illustration by over 30 international paper craft artists.

Offering rare behind the scenes access to artist studios, Paper Cut documents the creative process through in-depth interviews and stunning photography, showcasing the incredible skill, imagination and mind-blowing possibilities of working with paper.

Exploring the portfolio of each contributing artist, the book deftly goes between process and craft, personal projects and client commissions, as each artist shares their creative inspirations and journey into design, reflecting on their careers to date.


tigerpaperJeff Nishinaka


Owen Gildersleeve who is himself an established practioner in the world of paper craft, was inspired to write the book to share his own working process and those of his friends and contemporaries, curious to find out more about how they began working with paper. Why do they like paper craft? What makes them tick? What is it about their work that is unique? Setting out to answer all these questions he selected 25 of the world’s leading papercraft artists and illustrators to give an insight into this rare but ever popular medium.


I don’t worry too much about time I’m always experimenting with new things, and that takes time. You have to treat every job like it’s your first or last.

Eiko Ojala

Highlights include paper engineer and illustrator Helen Friel, who recently worked with animators to bring her work to motion, and Estonian designer and illustrator Eiko Ojala who creates much of his work digitally using paper and shadow for guides (above). We were also rather taken with Fideli Sundqvist, a Swedish prop designer and paper cut artist based in Stockholm and Los Angeles based artist Jeff Nishinaka, whose pure white paper structures take on a velvety tactle quality.


Handcrafts really inspired me. You can manipulate paper in a variety of ways, it’s function and it’s style. Paper cutting goes hand in hand with what I want and strive for

Fideli Sundqvist



Paper Cut: An Exploration into the Contemporary World of Paper Craft Art and Illustration is available now, priced at £20. An accompanying exhibition opens on August 28th at The Proud Archivist in London. Check out our earlier blog post for more details.


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