Review: Sketchy Stories

Imagine a stone city, cushioned between the wings of an owl, a whale kite, or mechanical dragonfly!

These are just a few of the encounters waiting within the pages of  Sketchy Stories – The Sketchbook Art of Kerby Rosanes. Published by Quarto it showcases the fantastical journey and career so far of world-renowned artist Kerby Rosanes.

His work is boundless in the worlds it creates and realities it shapes.

Sketchy Stories looks like how you would imagine one of Kerby’s personal sketchbooks to feel; adorned with a whimsical sketch of a whale being steered through the night sky. Inside is a generous insight into the working process of a fizzing creative mind clearly passionately in love with what they do.

Every sketch has been lovingly laid out, often bursting across a double page spread. Arranged in chronological order, the breadth of work gives real insight into how Kerby has evolved so far, and continues to develop as an artist.

As you explore sketch after sketch, sometimes accompanied with words of inspiration relating to technique and more, its clear that Kerby not only loves what he does, but manages to do exactly what he loves obsessively.

Wildly intricate, every sketch beautifully crafted, expect to discover something new every time you find yourself mesmerised by each page

Exploring the work of someone clearly so enthusiastic about fulfilling their lifelong dream of being an artist, you get a true sense of Kerby’s passion and love for his art, and indeed his gratitude to those that appreciate it so deeply.

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