The Robot Factory by Tinybop

Tinybop’s new app The Robot Factory empowers children to imagine & create.

Born out of a frustration with many modern brand-centred toys, The Robot Factory lets kids create, test and collect anything they can imagine. The app was inspired by classic games such as Erector sets, Capsela, Pinball Construction Set, and Adventure Master and gives kids 50 parts from which they can build thousands of different types of robots.

Children can also choose from 9 different colours schemes and record their own robot sounds, allowing the creation of truly unique robot. Once the robot is built, it can then be tested in a fantastical world full of obstacles. Even better, there are no worries about this toy breaking as robots can be rebuilt and retested endlessly and favourite robots can be collected and stored for later.

The wild assortment of parts available to build with in The Robot Factory — which include exoskeletons, zephyr mechanisms, hydrostatic tentacles, magnets, machinos locomotors, solartronics —  were all illustrated by Owen Davey. Owen, whose list of clients includes the likes of Nobrow, Lego, The New York Times and Creative Review, also illustrated the fiendishly addictive puzzle game TwoDots.

Tinybop, the award-winning studio behind this wondrous app, was founded in 2012 by Raul Gutierrez, a father of two with a long career in arts and technology, and has since grown to a team of over 20. The studio brings designers, engineers, and artists together to build digital toys that delight, inspire, and educate, specialising in apps for kids 4+.

The Robot Factory‘s main aim was is to harness children’s inner creative and empower them to create their own narratives. And it has clearly been a success as during the play-testing at Tinybop’s studio, kids told stories about the robots they built destroying cities, staying up all night, visiting the President and doing homework.

The Robot Factory is out now and available to download here.



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