Sarah K. Benning and her Cacti inspired embroidery

Self-taught embroiderer Sarah K.Benning has become our latest Instagram crush with her hand made Cacti inspired textiles.

Approaching each piece as an illustration rather than a textile, she often abandones traditional stitching techniques in favor of bold shapes, playful patterns, and contemporary subject matter.

Currently living in Menorca, Spain, Benning is originally from Baltimore, US. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her BFA in Fiber and Material Studies, discovering her love for embroidery shortly after graduating in 2013.

Known for her depictions of potted plants and minature gardens, her latest artworks are set in a growing number of geometric inspired interior spaces. Her method of creating sketches in pencil directly onto the fabric before filling the image in with thread is very much like a traditional illustrator would approach a drawing.

Inspired by Sarah’s own potted plant collection and her love of nature, her embroideries often depict tropical plants and cacti in interior spaces.

Her emphasis on drawing, composition, and color choice has led to a vibrant, fresh and contemporary collection of highly covetable artworks.


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