Studio Visit: Atelier Bingo

Working out of their hand-built studio they love to experiment with screen printing and other graphic techniques to create colorful and abstract works.

Atelier Bingo are Maxime Prou & Adèle Favreau, two illustrators, surface pattern & graphic designers from France.

Their studio makes use of natural light, full of colorful artwork, collected textures, printing equipment, light wood and their dog; Donut. After studying graphic design in Nantes for 5 years the pair took off to Paris looking for work. Speaking to I DO Art, Adèle described their working process as “like screen printing only how a painter works with a brush.”

“We enjoy creating our own personal universe, where we can work in a mix of art, illustration and design,”says Adèle Favreau. “We build the image up, color by color, and we never know what it will look like before the last color is added. That’s our bingo style!”

A selection of print materials designed and produced by Atelier Bingo

Ceramics handmade by the Atelier Bingo collective.

Ceramics handmade by the Atelier Bingo collective.

Atelier Bingo studio

The Atelier Bingo studio

Screen printing has influenced our work quite considerably and it enables us to align each other graphically. Now we also do the same process on the computer andwe scan paper cuts so we can work with digital files too.

Adèle Favreau



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