Wild Fridays: [Bjorn Copeland]

Simon Wild goes in search of an assault on the senses with the work of New York based graphic artist Bjorn Copeland

When you need eye popping collage, look no further than Bjorn Copeland; master of technicolour and the multi-sourced image. Bjorn’s work is a rich visual feast for the eyes, mapping the mundane elements of pop culture.
The simple act of collage often allows spectacular results, whether digital, handmade or a bit of both. Bjorn’s work is intriguing as it is never obvious where the boundaries of his process are defined.  His work has been around for sometime and I was reminded of it’s dazzling kaleidoscopic madness when I stumbled across some of it in a gallery this week.

Bjorn’s work conjures many interpretations; blueprints for a graphic utopia, glitchy computer screens, angry maximalist protests or even rebellious playing cards.

Geometric. Structured. Hypnotic. Bjorn’s images are like angry impatient test cards waiting for the broadcast to begin.

Have a great weekend.

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