Wild Fridays: [Liam Brazier]

Simon Wild talks to illustrator Liam Brazier about the inspiration behind his Star Draws illustration project.

Illustrator and animator Liam Brazier is embarking on an ambitious project entitled ‘Star Draws’ in which he is attempting to illustrate a Star Wars portrait every week for a full year, on the run up to the release of the much anticipated next chapter in the saga The Force Awakens.

For a while now Liam’s work has been popping up in my Twitter timeline to the point where I have now become more than a little obsessed with it.  Taking a collection of cinema’s most recognisable and loved iconic science fiction characters and attempting to portray them with freshness is a challenge, as they have been embedded in our visual culture for nearly four decades. But Liam is making it happen through a genuine love of the story that he says helped to shape his childhood.

Those images etched in my wide eyed conscious more than anything other from my youth.

Liam started this project as a way of reminding himself of the wonderment that he felt while watching the Star Wars films for the first time as a child and he hopes that he can help to resonate those feelings in other fans too. It has most definitely worked on me and it’s no Jedi mind trick either, just great illustration. I want the whole collection.

I had to give it a try at least, and you know; do or do not – there is no try…

Have a great weekend.

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