Wild Fridays: [Oliver Hibert]

Simon Wild gets hypnotised by the psychedelic creations of Arizona based artist Oliver Hibert

Oliver Hibert’s work is a colourful blend of surrealist art, untamed technicolour characters and illustrations that could easily adorn the fairground rides of your dreams.  Patterns, wide open mouthed faces and non descript gentrified figures all serve to create a bizarre and complex wonderland.

Oliver’s work is versatile; crossing the boundaries of painting, digital, 3D and motion and employing an eye popping palette which has caught the attention of MTV, Nike and Disney amongst many others. He is as prolific as he is confident with the visual direction his work travels in. Olivers work reminds me a little  of the great German illustrator and designer Heinz Edelmann, most famous for designing the look of The Beatles Yellow Submarine.

Have a great weekend.

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