Wild Fridays: [Pattern]

Illustrator Simon Wild continues his ‘Wild Fridays’ column with a round up of pattern based designers.

With the nights closing in recently, now feels like a good time to be checking out some bright patterns. Once you start looking, you realise they are everywhere, from the street corner and the work space, to the kitchen table and bags over people’s shoulders.

Designers of all professions are now using patterns to reach new audiences. Pattern has now found it’s way on to any surface you can  think of, be that flat or three dimensional. Rich in colour, shape and motif, pattern design brings a new visibility to any surface.

Here is a mini celebration of some of my favourite designers employing pattern to innovative effect in their work.

Camillle Walala


Stone & Spear

stone002 stone001


mekko2 mekko1

Have a great weekend!

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