Wild Fridays: [Signpainters Pt4 – Colossal Media]

Simon Wild concludes his sign painting series with the large scale signage of Colossal Media

Brooklyn based signage company Colossal Media transform whole sides of buildings with with their epic in scale billboards and transforming cites by upholding a great tradition of hand painted advertising. Exactly a year ago today I found myself on a trip to New York. On emerging from the Queens mid-town tunnel I immediately spotted a Colossal Media mural for the first time, wrapped entirely around a building on one of Manhattan’s many street corners. Seeing the work up close looked like a sea of swirling abstract colours and shapes, but step back for a moment, look up and then everything makes sense. And that’s the genius of Colossal Media’s work. It’s also the point of it. The images are designed to work from distance, compete for your attention and hold your gaze.

If you ever find yourself in New York or any other major city in the U.S for that matter, don’t forget to look up. You might just find yourself gazing in wonder at some of the most beautiful and breathtaking hand painted signs in the world today.

Video by suspended.tv

Each project is a feat of creative and physical endurance combined with precision engineering and a blatant disregard for any fear of heights.

Have a great weekend.

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