Wild Fridays: [Simon Stålenhag]

Simon Wild steps in to the dystopian world of Simon Stålenhag.

When we think of dystopian stories of failing civilisations and worn out technology, we may not immediately consider Sweden as an obvious place for exploring such themes. But for artist and designer Simon Stålenhag, his fascination with the natural beauty of the Swedish landscape has led him to create an entire fictional world exploring the lives of people, nature and science.

Stålenhag’s work is inspired by the disillusionment and broken promises of technology. His paintings seem to effortlessly capture the serenity of the Swedish landscape alongside the everyday lives of it’s people witnessing the silencing of once considered great technological advances.

We don’t know yet how it will end.

Stålenhag’s work has been brought together for the first time in a new book available now. I have just ordered my copy and cannot wait to immerse myself in his incredible vision.

Have a great weekend!

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