Make Your Mark – 12 Week Illustration Programme – Apply Now for October 2023

We’re kicking off Autumn with Make Your Mark – a 12 week-long intensive programme taught live by Inkygoodness Collective Host and Founder Lisa Hassell to support and develop your freelance illustration career this year!

Now, let’s dive deeper into the benefits of joining this program. Firstly, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded artists who share your passion for illustration. This network will provide invaluable support, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities. Additionally, the program will equip you with practical skills and techniques that are essential for success in the competitive world of illustration.

With Lisa’s expert guidance, and the support our speakers and mentors, you’ll learn how to find your creative voice style, market your work effectively, and navigate ever-changing industry trends. Make Your Mark will give you a solid foundation to confidently establish and grow your illustration practice.

Missed out this time? Apply Now for September 2024.

Whether you’ve been working in the industry for a while and need a much needed boost, or you’re fresh out of University and not sure where to begin; Make Your Mark provides the tools you need to build confidence, develop a portfolio, connect with clients and navigate your way into the illustration market.

Supported by our online membership platform; Inkygoodness Collective, our programme structure is focused on group based teaching and interactive live zoom sessions, designed to foster a thriving and engaged community of artists and illustrators from all over the world, brought together to share their insights, experiences and learn from one another.

Covering personal and professional development, our 12-week intensive programme delivers stacks of content every week, structured around weekly modules supported by weekly challenges, workshop exercises and creative briefs (including live briefs in editorial, publishing, advertising & branding) to challenge and motivate you every step of the way!

This year we are also extending the programme with new modules as we take a deeper dive into Editorial Illustration, Advertising & Branding and Publishing and explore creative process and case studies with industry pros!


Make Your Mark runs 11th October – 19th  January 2024. Programme includes x 12 classes of 1.5 hrs, delivered over 12 weeks + industry Q&A sessions, masterclasses, digital resources, worksheets , creative briefs & weekly challenges design to suppport and develop your freelance illustration practice. Includes 4 months membership access to Inkygoodness Collective.


Our programme runs like this:

– 12 week programme

– 1.5 hour live group zoom call per week (see what’s covered below)

– Live interaction each session

– Weekly challenges to get you moving!

– Small groups of no more than 25.

– Groups tailored to be the best possible fit for you and your creative practice

– Industry Zoom Q&A’s with creative commissioners and illustration agencies.

+ More TBA!

Plus four months inclusive access* to Inkygoodness Collective, our online membership for artists and illustrators. Make Your Mark runs October 11th 2023 – January 19th 2024.

*Fees apply thereafter; cancel anytime. Free membership period runs until 1st February 2024.

What we will cover

WK 1 – Personal Development – Get into healthy habits to nurture your mental and physical health and wellbeing. In our first session you’ll learn the practice of self discipline and how to adopt a daily routine to stay focused.

WK 2 – Illustration Markets: Editorial – Demystifying the world of commercial illustration. Over the next three weeks we will provide an overview of the various markets for illustrators – from editorial work to education; advertising, publishing, branding and much more!

WK 3 – Illustration Markets: Advertising & Branding – More details TBC

WK 4 – Illustration Markets: Publishing  – More details TBC

WK 5  – Creative Development – Develop and build a body of work you can be proud of! We’ll be setting you industry standard creative briefs to challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone and give you tips and advice on how to harness the power of passion projects for your portfolio.

WK 7 – Self Promotion – Essential skills for building your illustration brand, building credibility and raising your profile; and key tips around self promotion, networking and collaboration. You’ll get clarity on what works – and what doesn’t – and build your confidence in the process.

WK 8 – Curating Your Work  – Tips and advice on how to present your work online! Discussion around portfolio platforms vs. your own website; common mistakes – do’s and don’ts – and how to curate a stand out PDF portfolio to reach out to your dream clients.

WK 8 – Licensing – Diversifying your income as a freelance illustrator is essential to build a sustainable career. In this session we will discuss the licensing market and print on demand and the various opportunities available for illustrators to make extra income through image licensing.

WK 9  – Getting Hired – You’ve developed a killer portfolio – but you’re still not winning client work because you don’t understand pricing, networking or how to sell your work. This session will provide tips you can action immediately to attract clients and new opportunities.

WK 10 – Freelance Business Tools – Covering everything you need to know to set up your freelance business, including taxes, contracts, accounting and more.

WK 11 – Agency RepresentationThe role of the agent, discussing the pro’s and con’s of getting an agent.

WK 12 –  PR & Marketing Toolkit – Learn how to be your own publicist! Essential tips on planning your own marketing strategy with advice on copywriting, useful phrases and tone of voice for press releases and best practice for reaching out to magazines, blogs and press for features.

+ BONUS SESSION *NEW* How to diversify your income by selling art – Understanding the various ways to sell your art; how to curate an exhibition; working with commercial galleries and connecting with art collectors.

+ BONUS SESSION: Feedback – Valuable tailored feedback on the work produced during the programme and your online portfolio and a key opportunity to ask your questions in our final session. Practical tips and an overview of your next steps on your journey as an illustrator. *Option to book a 1:1 feedback session at a reduced fee.

Speakers & Mentors

We’re inviting FOUR industry mentors to join us for Make Your Mark this Autumn! Each mentor will deliver an in-depth masterclass about their illustration practice and how they work with clients – unpacking their process from brief to delivery and hear their words of advice on how to craft a full time freelance career as an artist & illustrator. This October we are switching things up and will be bringing on board specialists in Editorial, Advertising/ Branding & Publishing to share their experience and talk you through real-client case studies with insight on briefs, budgets, contracts and pricing.

Each mentor will also select ONE artist on the programme for a 1:1 mentoring session in Spring 2024.

Confirmed Speaker & Mentor: Katie Scarlett

Katie Scarlett is an illustrator, animator and graphic designer. Using vibrant colors and interesting perspectives, Katie brings a fresh way of looking at familiar settings. She typically illustrates scenes of home like dining rooms and kitchens, and sometimes other spaces like tennis courts or swimming pools.

She often incorporates the plants, furniture, and other decorations she has in her home into her art. She also takes inspiration from photos that she has taken during her travels. Pictures of plants and interesting rooms fill her camera roll.

Katie discovered her love of illustration while attending Georgia Southern University, where she received her BFA in Graphic Design in 2019.  She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her cat, Kirby.

Katie will be presenting a Masterclass on How to Find Your Niche on Wednesday 18th October @ 6pm BST.

Confirmed Speaker & Mentor: Ben Newman

Ben Newman has developed a distinct aesthetic over the years; a contemporary fusion of bold shapes, bright colours and playful characters which has been described as ‘bauhaus fuzzy felt.’ With over 15 years experience in the industry, Ben has produced work for a large range of clients, including the Tate Modern, New York Times, BBC Radio 4, Apple, Google and The New Yorker. His practice extends outside of commercial work into international exhibitions, paintings and three dimensional collaborations.

Ben co-created the Professor Astro Cat children’s books with his longtime friend and scientist, Dr Dominic Walliman, which are published by Flying Eye Books and have been translated into over 24 other languages. He has authored 3 picture books, BOO! (Flying Eye Books), SNIP SNAP and RUMBLE TUMBLE (Macmillan kids).

Ben will be presenting a Masterclass on the Children’s Illustration Market on Thursday 2nd November @ 10.30am GMT.

Confirmed Speaker & Mentor: Livia F?lcaru

Livia F?lcaru is an illustrator and visual artist currently living and working in Bucharest, Romania.

Her work is above all influenced by her personal experiences as a woman living in these times. The Romanian artist often finds herself fascinated by daily life and the emotions we might all feel but never care to mention. Although her illustrations are immersed in cheerful colors, the subjects approached are usually an in-depth view of raw emotions and realities, that ultimately serve as a medium for real and honest communication.

Livia will be presenting an Illustration for Brands Masterclass on Thursday 16th November @ 10.30am BST.

Confirmed Speaker & Mentor: Kat Irannejad – TOTALLY REPS

Kat Irannejad is the Director of TOTALLY REPS – a boutique illustration and creative production agency based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Having worked with the world’s most iconic brands, agencies, and publishers, TOTALLY grew out of the ethos that meaningful interactions are the way forward – and that bespoke visual art is the power behind the most engaging work in our industry. As an agency, TOTALLY is dedicated to nurturing and advocating diverse and brilliant artists while cultivating long-lasting client friendships.

Alongside agenting, Kat served on the 2023 D&AD Illustration Jury and supported Goodtype’s The Good Guild as a Guest Educator.

Kat will be presenting a Portfolio Masterclass on Wednesday 6th December @ 6pm GMT.

What past students say…

“Before joining Make Your Mark I was a bit stalled in my freelance creative career. I knew I had made progress as an Illustrator but found myself losing some steam. The briefs given shook me out of my comfort zone and pushed my practice to a new and exciting place. However, meeting my course mates, seeing their work, and hearing their feedback about my work was one of the biggest game changers. It made me feel like I was not alone on this island and helped me see my illustrations from a different perspective.”
Becca Macfarlane

I have worked in the creative industry for more than a decade now. Most of the things I learned by doing. University gave space to experiment with techniques and so on, but it never taught very practical things nor explained how you really can make a living from what you do. Looking back I wish there would have been a program like Make Your Mark at that time! Why is that? Because MYM provides so many important insights, tips and tricks on how to organize yourself, alongside being part of a community of other artists; sharing their experiences and expertise with you and above all the possibility to ask questions and get concrete answers.

I learned so many new things through the program. Things that helped me in my creative practice, but also in understanding myself as a business. Lisa is an amazing host and her positive attitude and great energy really gave me the motivational boost I needed. Thank you!!

Julia Praschama @julia.praschma


Applications for Make Your Mark are open now until Monday 9th October. Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis and assessed on commercial potential, dedication to the programme and commitment to personal and professional development as freelance illustrators. Our annual Make Your Mark programme is open to artists and illustrators worldwide. Previous candidates include graphic designers, creative directors, teachers, career changers and graduates.

Make Your Mark runs 11th October – 19th  January 2024. Programme includes x 12 classes of 1.5 hrs, delivered over 12 weeks + industry Q&A sessions, masterclasses, digital resources, worksheets , creative briefs & weekly challenges design to suppport and develop your freelance illustration practice. Includes 4 months membership access to Inkygoodness Collective.

Applications for 2023 are now closed. Our programme returns in September 2024 as an extended 4-month programme.

Apply for September 2024 now




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