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Some savvy creatives have been using YouTube’s ever growing popularity to show their process and ultimately raise their online profile.

With over a billion users every month, YouTube is one of the fastest growing and most popular social media platforms today. YouTube’s universe seems to be a world you are either part of or you are not. The best way to tell if someone is or not? Just ask them who Zoella is – that ought to clear things up.

youtube, creative, design, illustration, graphic design, social media, Furry Little Peach

Illustration by Sha’an d’Anthes – one of my favourite creative YouTubers

Over the past year or so I have become completely addicted to many YouTube channels. Some are admittedly more informative than others. When I am not getting lost in the black hole of homeware hauls and lifestyle vlogs, there are a select few Creative YouTubers who I like to watch and learn from.

Whilst there’s an endless amount of beauty vloggers on YouTube, the Creative YouTuber’s portion of the platform is considerably smaller. It is yet to become the case that every designer has a YouTube channel in the way that they will have an Instagram account. This is in many ways a good thing. It means those who are doing it are doing it because they genuinely love it. There aren’t many channels who have grown to size for it to be their main job so it remains a passion project.

youtube, creative, design, illustration, graphic design, social media, Holly Exley

Illustration by Holly Exley – one of my favourite creative YouTubers

In this new monthly series, I will be chatting to some of my favourite creative who have turned to YouTube for a new creative outlet. We will be discussing everything from why they started their channel to how they make their videos, how they juggle it alongside their other commitments to the darker, troll-filled side of the platform.

First off, for today’s instalment I thought I would introduce you to some of my favourite channels…

Natasha Nuttall

Not content with just being an award winning design blogger, Natasha Nuttall has branched out into creative vlogging too! Natasha’s channel is mainly filled with weekly vlogs documenting her design adventures around London. In a recent edition (which you can watch above), Natasha visited London’s most colourful house.

Other videos include blogger mail unboxings, discussions on whether it is okay to ask people to work for free (spoiler: the answer is no) and chatty vlogs all about her passion for paper.

Whether you are nosey about what bloggers get sent in the post or just want to learn more about different kinds of paper, Natasha has you covered!

Greg McIndoe


Furry Little Peach

Australian illustrator Sha’an d’Anthes – also known as Furry Little Peach – vlogs whenever she can find time in her busy schedule. Content of Sha’an’s channel varies a lot. Uploads include design supply hauls, wrapping paper DIYs and travel vlogs documenting her adventures travelling in Japan.

Sha’an’s studio vlogs provide a look behind the scenes at her process. From designing packaging for new products in her online shop to working on commissions for clients, Sha’an shares every aspect of her process. And Sha’an’s channel is going to be particularly busy in October as she is taking part in Inktober. Every day Sha’an is uploading a short video showing how she created that day’s illustration. You can watch the first day above.



Holly Exley

Illustrator Holly Exley also vlogs about design in a number of different ways. Holly draws on her wealth of experience as an illustrator to talk about different creative subjects. Discussions include self doubt as an artist and how to find and price jobs as in editorial illustration.

My favourite thing Holly has been doing recently on her channel has been giving classic YouTube video formats a designer twist.

Adding food illustration to her vegan food diary video and painting whilst answering a Q&A add a fresh spin to slightly tired tags.

Greg McIndoe

The best yet has been a video where Holly had her boyfriend do her watercolour which you can watch above.


Fran Nerd

My final creative YouTuber pick is Fran Meneses – or Fran Nerd to her fans. Fran’s channel is one of the most practical to subscribe to if you are a creative. It contains lots of advice on how to improve your drawing skills and run online shop. Fran is another creative YouTuber with a love of stationery and has many art supply recommendations and a lots of love for paper to share.

My favourite video of Fran’s (which, you guessed it, you can watch above) is entitled “What to draw (when you don’t know what to draw)” and includes a list of prompts to push you past creative block. The list includes drawing your couch as a spaceship and a rhino working in a post office at Christmas. For anyone who suffers from creative block, the list and is a hilarious and genuinely useful resource to have.


youtube, creative, design, illustration, graphic design, social media, Fran Nerd

Illustration by Fran Nerd – one of my favourite Creative YouTubers


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