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Whether you're looking to treat a loved one this Christmas, or treat yourself just because, there's a subscription service for everyone these days...

Subscription services have become a trend in just about every industry over the past few years. Socks, flowers, beer – you name it, there is probably a subscription service for it. The trend has also reached the creative industries in a big way. Some of our favourite brands and studios have launched some exciting services, so we thought it would be a good idea to round-up some of our favourites. If you’re a paper lover (what creative isn’t?) then this is the list for you. There is a whole host of subscriptions out there to keep your life stocked up with papery goodness all year round. Here are a few of our favourites…

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Natasha Durley’s Papergang box

Ohh Deer’s Papergang

Ohh Deer have tapped in to the stationery addict market with their Papergang subscription service. Each month, subscribers pay £10.95 and receive a box filled with stationery and desk accessories created in collaboration with a different designer each month. Products included in previous boxes have ranged from notebooks and pencil cases, to stickers and iron-patches.

Keeping any subscription service fresh is a challenge. However, Ohh Deer rise triumphantly to the challenge each month with the help of their guest collaborators. Guest designers have included Nina Cosford, Natasha Durley and Ohh Deer favourite Gemma Correll. The variety of artists brought on board marries up nicely with the eclectic nature of the Ohh Deer brand as a whole.

subscription service, design, illustration, pattern, stationery, print

Photograph by Greg McIndoe

subscription service, design, illustration, pattern, stationery, print

Natasha Durley’s design for her “Midnight Jungle” Papergang box

The variation of motifs keeps things fresh while Ohh Deer’s stylish eye keeps quality consistent.

Greg McIndoe

Ohh Deer strive to do good with their love for stationery too. So far, charities including the Bumbleebee Conservation Trust and Battersea Dogs And Cats Home have collaborated on boxes with Ohh Deer. Plus, for every four boxes of stationery Ohh Deer sells they plant a tree. So you can indulge in your love of stationery without feeling too guilty about the environment.

subscription service, design, illustration, pattern, stationery, print

2 prints from the first post out from the Riso Club

Risotto’s Riso Club

Of all of our top picks, Risotto Studio’s Riso Club is the best value for money. For just £6, subscribers receive four new prints a month plus exclusive access to risography resources. Resources include online tutorials, downloadable templates, a 10% discount on print orders, and first dibs on workshops. Annual subscribers also get even more discounts and benefits!

Risotto Studio was set up by Glasgow School of Art graduate Gabriella Marcella in 2012. Since then, it has grown to become Scotland’s leading risograph printing studio. Each month, the Risotto team hand pick four artists for each issue. Each month’s artists are selected from the same city but show the potential of riso-printing in a very different way. Previous contributors have included Lucy Payne, Sera Yong and Mari Campistron.

subscription service, design, illustration, pattern, stationery, print

Issue 2 of Riso Club’s print subscription

Each artist who has contributed to the club has shown the endless possibilities of risograph printing in their own unique way.

Greg McIndoe

The Riso Club is perfect for anyone striving to keep their interiors constantly fresh. Although varying greatly in style, the consistent colour scheme brings a cohesiveness to each month’s collection. If you want it to, the Riso Club offers you a new gallery wall every month. And it’s perfect for artists too. Not only does it provide the visual inspiration to spark ideas but the knowledge and discounts to make turning them into a reality that bit easier.

subscription service, design, illustration, pattern, stationery, print

Each issue of Papirmass introduces a new artist


Papirmass is a print subscription that was founded with the aim of sparking curiosity, and inspiring creativity. The subscription is run by husband-and-wife team Jp King and Kirsten McCrea. The duo launched the service with the help of a handful of Toronto-based creatives in 2008. Since launching, Papirmass has collaborated with over 100 artists to send out over 100,000 prints.

Each issue contains a creative card, a print and an artist interview. Subscriptions start at €8 a month and shipping is free worldwide. The Papirmass team say they keep the price point as low as possible because they believe art should be affordable to everyone. With each new issue, the team’s dream is to help subscribers discover their new favourite artist.

subscription service, design, illustration, pattern, stationery, print

Papirmass is an art print subscription service

With the belief that surrounding yourself with beauty is important,  Papirmass keep their service affordable so everyone has the chance to embrace their creative curiosity.

Greg McIndoe

Although it predominantly focuses upon promoting the work of others, Papirmass is also determined to get you creating too. The creative card in particular aims to spark ideas. Not only does it’s creative quote offer food for thought, but each card includes an activity to get you creating too. And if that’s not enough, the interview offers yet more insight into how to get your creative career going.

subscription service, design, illustration, pattern, stationery, print

The Katie Leamon team design all POST products in-house

Katie Leamon’s Post

While it’s the most expensive of our selections, Katie Leamon’s POST subscription is also the most sophisticated. For £20 a month, subscribers receive a box of hand selected stationery. Items include greetings cards, notebooks, pencils and stamps.

Katie Leamon launched her luxury stationery brand in 2011. The brand has it’s own design studio in the heart of London as well as a production studio in the English countryside. The Katie Leamon team design and produce all of their products in-house. The feel of each product is of utmost importance with particular care being given to finishes and fine details.

subscription service, design, illustration, pattern, stationery, print

A selection of stationery from Katie Leamon’s POST service

Katie’s own love of typography, stationery and vintage curiosities is reflected in the brand’s classy yet contemporary aesthetic.

Greg McIndoe

There is no set theme for each box, but cohesiveness comes through Katie’s consistent attention to detail. Inky typography, geometric patterns and vintage-inspired illustrations are all juxtaposed within each box, while pastel colour schemes and foil detailing tie each monthly collection together. These classic finishes lend an air of sophistication to the brand and make the service worth every penny.


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