Discarded objects take on new meaning in ‘Pista’

Barcelona-based creatives Emily Pardos and Las Coleccionistas have just released 'Pista' a limited edition set of printed accessories.

Capturing photographs of unrelated items and grouping them together in order to give them new meaning, Pista comes from the idea of cataloguing various discarded objects as a way of ‘ordering city accumulation’.

These pieces, seemingly unrelated, acquire new meaning once grouped and sorted. The found clues (pistas) have a use once again, creating new patterns through photographs.

The resulting Pista Pattern has been applied to silk scarves, polyester backpacks and knitted socks.

The colour scheme and clean, abstract compositions used throughout the collection give them a clinical, slightly futuristic feel and ingenious styling amplifies this even further.

The colourful patterns are modelled and juxtaposed with large geometric shapes to create striking images laced with subtle eccentricities.

Overall, the collaborators’ aim was to create something altogether different. Starting with a unique joint-perspective of often overlooked objects and building from there with a focus of quality design and unorthodox styling, they created a set of stunning statement pieces.

Photography studio Las Coleccionistas creates stunning and uniquely atmospheric images and Emma Pardos places great importance on edgy design and alternative style.

emmapardos.com | lascoleccionistas.com


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