Grad Spotlight: Billie Francis

Originally a Birmingham girl, Billie Francis is an aspiring illustrator currently finishing a BA degree in Illustration at Leeds College of Art. 

Billie describes herself as having always been creative, with fond memories growing up with her Grandpa, when he would take her down to the Birmingham canals and draw the “Rosie & Jim” boats. She would then run home to make model boats from lollipop sticks and glue.

I like to keep my work quite playful and experiment with reality and proportions. I find myself inspired by the littlest of things – like a texture on a drain for a new cushion.

Billie Francis

Billie’s practice centres on playfully combining different shapes and textures, exploring provocative characterful gestures and themes. Texture is what’s most important to Billie, and although she produces much of her work digitally she tries to retain a handmade feel and create a sense of nostalgia.


Knowing that I can make money from what was at first a ‘hobby’ is a dream come true. Yes it is hard, but what is life without a challenge.

Billie Francis

At the moment Billie is focusing on developing editorial and publishing work, embracing the challenge of trying to communicate a message through her drawings. She likes to dream big, and has huge career aspirations. She dreams of one day living in New York with her little Boston terrier, illustrating for The New Yorker.

You can check out more of Billie’s work, by following her on lnstagram @billie_draws, or by visiting


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