[Pictoplasma] Julian Glander visual artist

Julian Glander is a Pittsburgh based visual artist working on comics, video games, interactive toys, short films, and illustrations.

Best known for his oddball infinitely loopable animated GIFs inspired by Claymation, Julian Glander’s Gumby-like animations have appeared in all sorts of places, including music videos, Subway commercials and Starbucks ads.

Julian Glander will be appearing on stage at Pictoplasma Character Design Conference in early May, alongside 17 other leading visual artists, animators and illustrators, including Becky & Joe, Wilfred Wood, Ugo Gattoni and Ben Newman.

For the 12th edition, the festival also includes a curated animation programme, with many of the international studios and filmmakers present for Q&A rounds after each screening. The nearby Villa Elisabeth with its spacious and atmospheric ballroom awaits attendees for a series of hands-on Character Lab workshops, an exclusive networking evening and spontaneous art happenings! Tickets are now on sale.





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