Pinterest Mondays: Gallivanting Girls Cuckoo Clocks

The up-cycling movement is growing fast, with thrifty individuals all over the world shunning overly expensive, mass-produced brands in favour of getting creative and reinventing second hand finds.

Pinterest is perhaps best know for showcasing DIY project and this week I found a prime example of the bold projects modern crafters are sharing in the form of Gallivanting Girls vibrantly up-cycled cuckoo clocks.

Available to buy from their online store, the original hunter style cuckoo clock is painted in a variety of striking new colours – freshly painted neon and metallic components clash together joyfully. This is just one of the many carefully curated finds available from the shop, with almost two hundred unique items all promoting “modern living with old school style”.

Like all of the best crafting ideas, there is plenty of room for creativity with this project – pick a colour to reflect your personality. Why not paint the entire clock white for a more simple, understated finish? You could keep up to date with interior trends and go for a mix of pastel and metallic or ask each of your friends to pick a colour for a different part of the clock.

Just a splash of neon can transform a lifeless bit of furniture into a statement piece.

The up-cycling craze has lead to reasonably priced thrift store, car boot sale and antiques markets popping up all over the place, a sea of old furniture and accessories waiting to be gifted a new lease of life with a quick lick of paint. Just a splash of one of these neon tones can transform a lifeless old bit of furniture into a statement piece.

When hunting down the items she stocks in her store, Kalyn – the curator behind Gallivanting Girls – buys anything which makes her smile. Borrowing the idea to create your own up-cycled masterpiece, complete with your favourite colour scheme and unique personality, is bound to have you grinning from ear to ear!


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